Muscat Blends
Germany Muscat
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Muscat Blends: Australia

Liqueur Muscats

Rutherford and Glenrowan in North East Victoria produce some of the best fortified wines in the world: Liqueur Muscat and Liqueur Tokay. Liqueur Muscat is made from Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains Rouge (a dark-skinned variant of Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains) or Brown Muscat as it is known in Australia. Liqueur Muscats are world famous because of their great age, amazing complexity, and unique style of manufacture.

Muscat Blends: Canada

Silkscarf Winery
2009 Riesling Muscat
"The grapes have been crushed and fermented together to produce a well-unified body. This wine nicely combines the dominant Riesling mineral flavor with the Muscat's typical honey aroma. Melon and mango notes add a soft finishing trace to the Muscat fruity flavor. Pairs well with a spicy dish of fish or poultry." (Quotes from winery website)
(The Muscat grape used is Perle of Csaba, a hybrid grape developed in Hungary.)

Vigneti Zanatta
A white that is "a floral, fruity and slightly frizzante blend of...Ortega, Pinot Auxerrois, Muscat and Madeleine Sylvaner". (Quote from Eat Magazine, December 2009)

Zero Balance Vineyards
Project 743
"A blend of three grape varieties-Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat and Semillon-creates a wine with fresh berry notes of tropical fruits, with lime rind and minerals in the finish. Pairs well with chicken, fish and pasta in cream sauce. (Quotes from winery website)

Annapolis Highland Vineyards
White Wedding
Dessert wine. "A blend of late harvest new York Muscat, Pinot Gris and Reliant. Rich, gold coloured, This wine is underscored with high toned sweet grape, honey floral and spice flavours." (Quotes from winery website)

Benjamin Bridge
Nova 7
A lightly sparkling, off dry wine inspired by the European tradition. A blend of grapes including Perle of Csaba, a Muscat hybrid. John Szabo calls ths wine " the quintessential aperitif wine...clean and beautifully aromatic with intense Muscat like florality and grapey character...the finish is evanescent but this is all about lightness and delicacy". (Information obtained from the winery)

Creekside Winery
2008 Muscat/Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer

A highly regarded limited production late harvest blend of Muscat and other varietals. The Muscat was lightly pressed to preserve delicate aromatics. One barrel was permitted to undergo natural fermentation; the other was subjected to a bizarre yeast trial using a strain usually reserved for full bodied red wines. Following fermentation, the barrels were topped with "whatever" high quality 2008 vintage wines were available. Sauvignon Blanc was added to one barrel, Gewurztraminer to the other. Later, both barrels were blended together. (Information obtained from the winery's production notes)
(The Muscat is Muscat d'Alsace)

Peller Estates Winery
Private Reseve Muscat 2007
A blend of 75% Muscat ottonel and 25% Morio Muscat. "Cool fermentation arrested early to retain the balance of sweetness and acidity, and then aged in stainless steel to enhance fruit characteristics. An aroma nose of apricot jam, exotic flowers, quince and pear. Off dry, light to medium body with juicy tropical fruit flavors. Finishes with flavours of tangerine and orange. Serve with lightly spiced Asian cuisine, honey glazed ham, spicy fish dishes, grilled chicken with fruit chutneys. (Information obtained from winery)

Rosehill Run
2007 Sullyzwicker
Made from a 59/28/13 mix of Ehrenfelser, Riesling and Muscat Ottonel. A pretty floral wine with lots of citrus fruit and tree fruits like apple and pear. Good acid balance and a nice fruit finish.


Muscat Blends: Cyprus

Palomino Blanco and Muscat of Alexandria grapes. White dry wine. Vinified under a control fermentation technique and kept in air conditioned cellars. "The wine will develop significantly after being open for 1-2 hours: (From the Winery website)

Anthea White
Palomino Blanco 70% and Muscat of Alexandria 30%. White medium dry wine. After crushing the grapes are treated with specific enzymes for better aroma extraction and then fermented. Well balanced, slightly sweet.

St. Hilarion
Palomino Blanco and Muscat of Alexandria. White medium sweet wine. Vinified under a control fermentation technique and kept in air conditioned cellars "The wine will develop significantly after being open for 1-2 hours: (From the Winery website)


Muscat Blends: France
Clairette de Die
This wine comes from the eastern Rhone region in France (Drome).
Clairette is blended with Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains to produce a sparkling white wine with a fruity, musky palate.
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