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Muscat Ottonel Grape

Muscat Ottonel was created in Loire by a French horticulturist in 1852 by crossing Chasselas and Muscat de Saumur and was first cultivated in Alsace where it is one of the Muscat varieties allowed in the varietal designation "Muscat".


It is a white grape (the palest of all the Muscats) that is used for wine and fruit. The berries are a slightly yellowish shade of green and medium in size. Easier to cultivate in cooler climates than the other Muscats, it ripens early and produces more delicate wines than Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains or Muscat of Alexandria.


It is popular in Alsace (where it has driven Muscat Blanc  a Petits Grains almost out of production and is used in the production of aromatic semi-dry wine), in Austria (planted in Burgenland and used to make Pradikatsweins) and in the Rust/Neusiedlersee  region used for rich dessert wines), Yugoslavia Vojdovina region, Croatia (dessert wines), Germany (botrytis wines), Hungary (late harvest wines). It is also grown in Romania, Bulgaria, Crimea, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Muscat Ottonel Synonyms

Muscat Ottonel is known under a number of different names.

Muscat Rouge a Petits Grains

Muscat Rouge a Petits Grains

This grape, a variation of the more common Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains, is a wine grape that is said to have originated in Greece.
Its name comes from its small berry size and a generally reddish colored skin. (In some of the synonyms for this grape, the skin color may be referred to as brown, gray or  purple-violet.)

Muscat Rose a Petits Grains is another variation with a lighter pinkish skin colour.

Wikipedia (5/8/2010) lists the following synonyms for Muscat Rouge a Petits Grains:

  • Brauner Muskateller
    Brown Frontignac
    Brown Muscat
    Busuioaca di Bohotin
    Busuioaca Roza
    Busuioaca Vanata de Bohotin
    Grizzly Frontignan
    Gros Muscat Violet
    Moscado Rosso
    Muscatel Gordomorado
    Moscatel Menudo Morado
    Moscatella Rubra
    Moscato Rosso de Madera
    Moscato Violetto
    Moscodel Menudo Morado
    Muscat a Petits Grains Rouges
    Muscat Brun
    Muscat Corail
    Muscat d'Alsace Rouge
    Muscat de Corail
    Muscat Frontignan Rouge
    Muscat Gris
    Muscat Rouge
    Muscat Rouge de Frontignan
    Muscat Violet
    Muscat Violet Commun
    Muscat Violet Cyperus
    Violet de Madere
    Muscateller Rot
    Muscateller Violet
    Muskat Frontinyanskii
    Muskat Kalyaba
    Muskat Krasnyi
    Muskat Rozovyi
    Muskat Violetovii
    Muskateller Grau
    Muskateller Rot
    Muskateller Schwarzblau
    Muskateller Violett
    Piros Muskotaly
    Red Frontignan
    Red Muscadel
    Red Muskadel
    Roter Muskateller
    Schmeckende Roth
    Tamaiioasa de Bohotin
    Tamaioasa de Bohotin
    Tamaioasa Violeta
    Weihrauch Roth


Muscat Rouge a Petits Grains Synonyms

Wikipedia (5/8/2010) lists the following synonyms for Muscat Rouge a Petits Grains

Muscat Table Grapes

In addition to making delightful wines that taste of the grape itself, Muscat grapes have for centuries been enjoyed as table grapes (and as raisin grapes).

All of the major Muscat grapes used in wine making are also eaten as table grapes and new varieties of Muscat flavored table grapes are continually being developed.

Many of the older varieties of Muscat grapes are seeded and currently some consumers appear to be rejecting seeded table grapes in favor of the seedless variety.

Black Muscat
Popular medium sized dark grape, very sweet in flavour. Early to mid season.

Large crisp seedless dark greenish yellow fruits with delicate Muscat flavor hang in big loose clusters. Also a raisin grape.

Golden Muscat
Produces very large clusters of large, oval, amber berries. Very large and juicy seeded fruit has a mixture of citrus and Muscat flavor.

The skin is firm, and the pulp fleshy, with a mild Muscat flavour when ripe. Bunches are medium to large, conical and well filled.

Muscat Canelli
Another name for Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains. The grape exhibits a pronounced sweet floral aroma.

Muscat Hamburg
The berries are blue-black, medium to large, oval shaped and seeded. They have a firm berry skin, soft and juicy pulp with a strong Muscat flavour..

Muscat of Alexandria
Large round seeded green to amber fruit is renowned for its classic sweet Muscat flavor. Also used for raisins. Late midseason.

Muscat Ottonel
Unlike the other major Muscats, this grape can be grown in relatively cold latitudes.

New York Muscat
A reddish-blue grape with a rich muscat-labrusca flavor. The vines are moderately vigorous and produce medium-sized, loosely filled clusters.  

Berries are golden yellow, small to medium in size, round and seedless. They have firm skin, soft and juicy pulp and a mild muscat flavour.

Large fruit. Blue-black seedless grape. Sweet fruit flavor with just a suggestion of Muscat. Also a wine grape.


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