Muscat Wines of Portugal

(In the 2010 Muscats de Monde International Wine Competition, a Portugese Muscat was listed in the Top 10 Best Muscat  wines for 2010:

  • Moscatel de Setubal Doc (Venancio da Costa Lima)


Moscatel (sometimes called Muscatel) is the Portugese (and Spanish) name for Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains. The word can be used for the name of the grape and the name of the wine.

Moscatel de Alejandria is Muscat of Alexandria.

Moscatel de Setubal is the best known Muscat  in Portugal. It is a sweet dessert wine predominantly made from Muscat of Alexandria called Moscatel de Setubal and/or Moscatel Romano. A small amount of Moscatel de Setubal has been made from the black Moscatel Roxo. Since the 1980's the Setubal region has also been making crisp, dry Muscat wines.

Moscatel de Favaios is produced in the Douro region.

Madeira is a fortified wine made in the Madeira Islands of Portugal. The Madeira Islands make Moscatel Madeira wine, which has become quite rare due to grape diseases and phylloxera..