Muscat Wines of Bulgaria

Grape growing and wine production in Bulgaria date back to the ancient Thracians about 3000 years ago. Ottoman domination from 1393 to 1878 resulted in a ban on wine production but throughout that period Bulgaria continued to grow table grapes. Around the mid 1960's the wine industry was modernized and in 1990 Bulgaria produced 40 million gallons of wine much of which was exported to the west.

Bulgaria has five distinct viticultural areas (Danubian Plain-Northern region, Black Sea-Eastern region, Rose Valley-Sub Balkan region, Thracian Lowland-Southern region, Struma River Valley-South Western region).

Muscat Ottonel (Misket Ottonel) is grown in the Danubian Plain region (North Bulgaria) and the Black Sea [Chernomorski] region (East Bulgaria). In 2006 white wine grapes occupied 42% of the planted vineyards. Muscat Ottonel made up 12% of this white grape production.

Muscat is grown in the Rose Valley region (Sub-Balkan) and the Thracian Lowland (South Bulgaria). The area around Plovdiv produces the Muscat wine of Brezovo and Karlovo.

The Chernomorski region also produces sweet wines from Bulgarian White Muscat (Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains) grapes.

The Muscats du Monde website states that there is also a Red Muscat grape (Songurlare).grown in the country.

Most Bulgarian wines produced from Muscat grapes are sweet dessert wines.


(A pink-skinned grape variety Misket Cherven or Red Misket is grown in the
Rose Valley This is an indigenous Bulgarian grape but there is no evidence that it is related to the Muscat grape family.)

Bulgarian Wine Festival
On February 14, Bulgarians honor the patron saint of vines, Saint Trifon Zarezan. The festival is based on pagan festivities honoring Dionysus and has persisted to the present day. Revelers gather in their vineyards accompanied by musicians. A piece of vine is cut off and wine poured over it. This is believed to ensure a good harvest. The cutoff vine is twisted into the shape of a crown and worn by the "King of the Vine". This national ritual marks the end of winter.

Bulgarian Muscat Wines
+359 White Muscat

Amarillis Muscat White Dry Wine. Danube region
"Dry white wine selected from young vineyards in the Danube region. Saturated color. Pleasant citrus touched flavor. Fresh and elegant taste."

Balkan Hills Muscat Ottonel
From Targovishte in northern Bulgaria
Boyar Muscat 2006, 2008, 2009 Domain Boyar

Bulgara Muscat. East Black Sea region

Strandja Winery-Chateau Rossenovo.
"Natural white semi-sweet wine. The Muscat grape was grown in the East Black Sea wine-making region. The wine has a golden color, and a characterful fruity aroma. The flavor is rich, full of fruit and fllower notes with a long sweet finish."

Cellar Pamidovo makes a wine using the Muscat Ottonel grape

Chateau Karnobat Muscat, 2007, 2008, 2009. Chateau Karnobat. Karnobat region
"An exquisite wine for connoisseurs that enchants and intoxicates. It is made from...Muscat Ottonel grown in our own vineyards. The first impression is of clean delicate fruit on the background of minerals and stone. Muscat aromas follow accompanied by faint pear and jasmine overtones with reminiscence of hay and caramel."

Chateau Euxinograde Muscat Ottonel 2006

Chateau Karnobat Muscat
"The first impression is of clean delicate fruit on the background of minerals and stone. Definitive Muscat aromas follow accompanied by faint pear and jasmine undertones with reminiscence of hay and caramel."

Chateau Windy Hills Muscat, 2007, 2008

Chateau Windy Hills Muskat of Alexandria 2008

Damena Muscat 2005, 2009

Damiana 2005. Damianitza. Thracian Valley region
"This is an elegant liqueur wine with rich and exotic aroma and taste. The region has the highest summer temperature in Bulgaria. The hot summer enabled the grapes to develop high ripeness with excellent fruit character. The fermentation commenced at a low temperature to preserve the fruit aromas. Prior to the complete conversion of sugars, the fermentation was stopped and the wine fortified by distillate addition. The wine was matured in oak barrels for 12 months to add complexity."

Domain Boyar (Domyn Boyar). Muscat Shumen A.
"A high-quality white wine of the Muscat Ottonel variety, bearing the fragrance of live flowers, with well-balanced full-bodied flavour, leaving lasting impressions."

Domain Menada Muskat 2005

Domaine Royal Muskat Ottonel 2001, 2008. Rose Valley
"Splendid, dry aromatic wine with merging nuances of flowers, fruits and elder. The color is bright, sparkling with pale-straw tints."

Edoardo Miroglio Muscat Ottonel 2007, 2009. Thracian Valley region
"Explosive musk and lychee orange peel and white flower aromas. Well balanced and delicate taste with honey notes against an exotic background. Long and pleasant aftertaste."

Festa Wine Company Muscat

Institute for Wine Production Varna makes a wine from Muscat Ottonel grapes.

Karlovo Muscat. Rose Valley Winery.
Famous Muscat wine. The winery is situated in the town of Banya in the heart of the Rose Valley region.

Karvarna Wine Cellar makes a wine from Muscat Ottonel grapes

Khan Krum Muscat 2008. Thracian Valley region

La Poesie Muscat 2008. Sintica. Thracian Valley region

Lozzen Muscat 2008. Katarzyna Estate. Thracian Valley region

Meteriz Muscat Ottonel. 2008. Danube River Plain region

Muscat Karlovo Royal Collection/Muscat Karlovo Domain Royal Collection
Dry wine made with Muscat Ottonel grapes from the region of the Rose Valley."The Muscat Karlovo Royal collection is approved and selected wine for the purveyance of his Majesty Tzar Simeon II. The wine is mild, soft and dry and carries the unique scents of roses."

Pomorie Muskat 2004,2007,2008,2009. Black Sea Gold Pomorie
Black Sea Coastal Region. Muscat Ottonel grape.

Raynoff Muscat 2008
"Family hillside vineyard in the heart of Park Rusenski Lom. Traditional vinification in small INOX tanks. Aging on fine lees. Intensive, fresh Muscat aroma. Fresh fruity elegant palate with finesse in the aftertaste."

Sakar Muskat 2008. Domain Sakar. Thracian Valley region. Muscat grape.

Sant'Ilia Muskat Ottonel 2007,2008,2009. Edoardo Miroglio.
Thracian Valley region

Schwarzmeer Black Sea Muscat Ottonel
"Rich and spicy, seductive and delicate lingering taste of apricots and exotic fruits."

Sinite Skali Wine Cellar.produces a Muscat wine

SIS Industries makes a wine from Muscat Ottonel

Slavyantsi Muscat Ottonel. Slavyantsi Estate. Singurlare region.

Stambolobo Muscat White Wine. Stambolovo.
"Fresh aromatic young wine with a good balance of acidity and sweetness."

Suhindol Muscat Dry. Suhindol region.

Sun Valley Ltd. Lists a "Muscat Sun Valley" as one of their products.

Targovishte Muscat Ottonel 2007, 2008. Targovishte.
Rated 85 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine and "Good Value" by Wine & Spirits Magazine. "The first impression is of clean delicate fruit on the background of minerals and stone. Definitie Muscat aromas follow, accompanied by faint pear and jasmine undertones with reminiscence of hay and caramel. This wine resembles the great wines of Alsace at a fraction of the price."

Targovishte Muskat Cuvee Prestige 2005, 2008. Targovishte.

Vini Sliven makes a wine from the Muscat Ottonel grape

Zeyla Muscat 2008, 2009. Kopsa. Thracian Valley Region. Muscat Ottonel.