Muscat Hamburg Grape

Muscat Hamburg is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Trollinger (Schiava Grossa). It comes only in the black berried form producing plump shiny fruit. This grape is grown chiefly as a table grape but can be also used to produce wine.  It is considered by some to make the lowest quality of the wine made with Muscat grapes. In Eastern Europe (Serbia, Macedonia) the grape produces light, dry red wines with some Muscat aroma and it is starting to gain popularity as a table wine ingredient in China. As a dessert wine, in the right hands, it creates a wine with a characteristic aroma of roses and a lichee, melony character to the taste. In the United States it is grown in California, Virginia, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Quady Winery in California makes a deeply colored, aromatic wine called "Elysium" from this grape. In Canada Black Muscat wine is produced on Vancouver Island.