Muscat Hybrids Used for Wine



Diamond Muscat

A complex hybrid that has Muscat of Alexandria in its lineage.


Early Muscat

Bred at the University of California at Davis. A cross between Muscat Hamburg and Queen of the Vineyard. In the cool climate of the Pacific Northwest it is makes a nice Muscat wine.


Muscat Bailey A

Grown in Japan for the production of Muscat wine


New York Muscat

A moderately winter hardy white wine grape developed in Geneva, New York. A cross of Muscat Hamburg and Ontario.

Grown in New York State, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Missouri, Quebec


Sovereign Opal

Developed by Agriculture Canada research station in Summerland, British Columbia and first released in 1976. It is a cross between Marechal Foch and Golden Muscat. To date, Calona Vineyards in British Columbia is the only winery making wine from the grape.


Symphony Grape

The Symphony grape is one of dozens of new grapes bred by Dr. Harold Olmo, Professor Emeritus of the University of California, Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology. It is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. It is used for wine production in California and Hawaii.


Torrontes Grape
DNA profiling has shown that Torrontes is a result of the crossing of Muscat of Alexandria and Mission (Criolla Chica). Torrontes is the predominant white wine grape in

Argentina. Aromas of the wine exhibit peach pit, pear, flowers and oranges. On the palate i the taste is dry with a pleasing ,crispness and exciting

floral and fruit flavors,


Valvin Muscat

A mid season white wine grape. Developed in New York State at Cornell. Available since 1990? 2006?. A complex cross involving Muscat de Moulin and Muscat Ottonel.