About Muscat Wine
aboutThe Muscat grape is thought to be the world's oldest known grape variety. Its recorded history of human cultivation goes back to the Greeks and possibly much earlier. It is probably the forebear of all the grape varieties known today. At present, there are hundreds of varieties and hybrids of Muscat grapes available. The grape is characterized by an intensely aromatic bouquet and a musky, fruity (mandarin orange, apricot, peach), honeyed flavor.

Muscat grapes, in one form or another, are grown in every important wine producing country in the world. The grapes are used as table grapes, raisins and for wine production.

Muscat is the only wine grape that produces wine that actually tastes like the grape itself. When made as a varietal, Muscat wine can range from pale, dry white wines to sweetish playful sparkling wines to golden-yellow perfumed dessert wines to fortified dark, mahogany colored treasures. Muscat flavors will vary according to the region where they are made, the winemaking techniques, and the variety of Muscat grape used. The better the Muscat, the more depth and length it will show.

In addition to producing outstanding varietal wines, Muscat is also used extensively in the production of a wide range of blended wines.

Muscat wine is the basis for Pisco, a unique brandy made in Peru and Chile and Metaxa, a grape brandy from Greece

At present, Muscat wines are not mainstream wines but their presence is felt in every country in which wine is produced. It is interesting that we have cultivated this vine for thousands of years and continue to do so. It is an ancient vine and its products have contributed significantly to human society. Broadening ones wine palate by becoming familiar with these seductive wines will offer many intense, exhilarating experiences.