Muscat Blends: Ukraine

Semisweet White Table Wine
This semisweet white wine is made of white and muscadine varieties of grapes with prevalence of Aligote and Rkatsitelli.

Sun in The Glass
Sweet White Dessert Wine
This dessert sweet white wine is made of white and muscatel varieties of Rkatsitelli, Sovignon, Kokur, Muscatel Ottonelle and pink Traminer and Muscatel. A complex coupage creates a feeling of an extended palette of gustative shades in this wine. A classical dessert wine to end a meal that may also accompany fruits or coffee.
(This wine is also listed on the Inkerman Winery website.)

Muscat (Red)
Semi-sweet red wine, made from a mixture of European varieties. Exquisite nutmeg taste, which harmoniously combines Muscat and fruit notes. Bright and light wine, long lasting freshness and easy to drink, and creates an aura of classic Muscat notes.

"Sonata " Muscat
This white semisweet wine is made from European grape varieties grown in southern regions of Ukraine. Color from light straw to light golden . The wine has hints of tea rose and fresh, buttery, sweet taste with a light Muscat flavor .

Tamayanka Mace
This soft, sweet wine made from grape varieties Aligote, Sauvignon, Riesling, Muscat and a mixture of European white grape varieties, which grow in the best vineyards of the Crimea. This wine is famous for its peculiar taste and delicate muscatel flavor.

Golden Sparkling Sweet Muscatel White Wine
Made by the Champagne method from Muscat Ottonel and Suholimansky white grapes grown in vineyards in Saratsky and Ovidiopolsky district in the Odessa region. The wine is sparkling with a nutmeg taste.

Inkerman Muscat

A red semi-dry wine

Inkerman Muscat White
A semi-dry white wine

Osipenko Muscat
A semi-dry wine made from a variety of Muscat grapes: Amber Muscat, Muscat Gamburgskli, Muscat Ottonel. Light golden with rose tinges. Muscat aromas with a light harmonious taste.